The Best Plan B We Can Think Of

I’m passionate about environmental issues. I grew up in the countryside with parents who were fanatical gardeners; my father (a former commando who fought in the Far East and Second World War) became an agricultural seedsman whose hobby was breeding Pelargoniums  Not surprisingly butterflies and bees were revered creatures in our garden and greenhouse, and for me they always will be.

I started life farming and at Agricultural College immediately signed up for the additional studies beekeeping course, where I became fascinated by these remarkable creatures. If we didn’t have bees the loss of honey, with its amazing nutritional and medicinal qualities would be the least of our problems. (By the way the study comparing antibiotics and honey says honey may be no more effective than antibiotics – which would you prefer?). No plants would be pollinated. So what does that mean? OMG we’re all gonna die! For a balanced view of the decline of Apis Melliefera, the honeybee and what we can do about it take a look at this.

If you’re a businessman or scientist and would prefer a 21st-century agricultural view take a look at this.

Let’s get real – most folk don’t have a garden and few have the time or inclination to keep bees.  So what can we do? Here is a practical, sustainable and long-term solution that’s also an educational resource. It functions as a standalone business which deserves trade from businesses, individuals and crowdfunding, please tell your friends about Plan Bee.

I’m proud to say I’m able to fund a hive – Okay, I’m gonna get off my soap box and buzz off now… (Yes that’s right I’m busy…. buzzing in fact)