Fear is my Friend

When we face up to difficult issues in our life and do something about them they stop being so difficult...The difficult issue I face at the moment is an element of fear tingling away at the back of my mind. www.badwater.com is exactly what it says on the tin 'the world's toughest footrace' I'll be there soon. It's not the thought of 135 miles through the hottest place on earth at the hottest time of year against some of the world's toughest Ultra athletes, or the pain from blisters on my stump or the thought of projectile vomiting again that fills me with fear. It is the thought that I might not do as well as last year and I could fail which haunts me.

I've had a few injury problems and I'm behind on my training, but when I face up to it and use it rather than lose it the fear becomes my friend because it drives me to get off my backside and train. So on that note I'm off to do something about it and I feel better already. Use it don't lose it.

Please enjoy the highlights from the 2012 race it's great


How Mentally Tough Are You?

Several people have asked me about this article during the week, always nice to get a mention. Thanks Mike Peake.


World's Toughest Foot Race......Chris Moon Running No. 11....

After months of training, I'm only days away from the start line. Can't wait. With an improved artificial leg, fitness and my American support crew I am looking to take at least 10 hours off my last race time of 53 hours.



The 2012 AdventureCORPS Badwater Ultramarathon kicks off at 600am, Monday, July 16 with 98 runners of 18 nationalities and from 19 American states running 135 miles from the bottom of Death Valley (Badwater) to Whitney Portal, the end of the road on the tallest mountain in the Lower 48, Mount Whitney. This event is recognized world-wide as "the world's toughest foot race."
The full pre-race press release may be read here:


I will be raising funds for several charities and in particular one I am patron of - O2E (Ordinary2Extraordinary) www.o2e.org which is about ordinary people doing extraordinary things & raising money to help disabled and disadvantaged children. If you would like to support o2e then please click http://www.justgiving.com/chris-moon-o2e

Credit to AdventureCorps for the above image.


Chris Moon's Toughest Ultra Distance Race so far...

In bits!

Chris Moon remembers one of his toughest races


Milngavie North of Glasgow June 2010

Past midnight it’s just Saturday morning and sensible people are sleeping; the runners just want to go. Head torches dance like Christmas tree lights in Milngavie Station car park. I finish my interview with the cheerful host from the BBC Adventure show whose encouraging astonishment that I’m going to attempt the path along Loch Lomond then the scree like tracks of the West Highland Way makes me realise he’s walked it. I banish any thoughts of whether or not I can make it in the time limit and get ready to put my best foot forward.

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