Change Management

For more than 10 years Chris has been helping people change with keynotes and workshops which create understanding, engagement and action. With his associates Chris has designed and delivered many change programs training advocates and champions. If you would like to discuss how we can help please contact us.

Human beings are creatures of habit. We naturally settle into a comfort zone. When asked to change different people react differently. Some people experience negative emotions and fear which need to be dealt with. Others may develop unrealistic expectations. If managed and led correctly the negativity can be removed from the change process and desired outcomes can be achieved.

Keynote and workshop outcomes are:

  • Understand the psychology of change and how people behave.
  • Understand why change is necessary and the reasons.
  • Gain a sense of perspective, recognise we have a lot we take for granted and we can do more than we think.
  • Believe they can deal with change in a constructive and positive way.
  • Understand what it might cost if we don’t change.
  • Hear remarkable and truly inspirational stories which inspire change.
  • Develop a personal strategy for surviving and thriving during change and moving forward positively to achieve measurable objectives.

“We have been personally inspired by your story and its key messages of remaining positive in the face of adversity and embracing change. You brought humour to what is a massive life changing experience and our team has said that they will take this on board in their professional and personal lives – which was the aim of your talk.”

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