For over 10 years, Chris has worked with blue chip companies, world-class public organisations and progressive governments from across the globe; helping to inspire their leaders and empower their people to go the extra mile.


Clients quotes

“Your impeccable blend of humor, reflection, realism and brutal honesty was a perfect mix. It really captured the imagination of the audience and invigorated a positive mental attitude.”


“Chris Moon will help your team go the extra mile.”


“Inspiring and motivational – ten out of ten.”


“He illustrates perfectly what can be accomplished through determination, tenacity and a positive attitude. We will be more demanding of ourselves in the future.”

John Lewis

“Chris Moon’s session was perfectly targeted, he spent time with me and really listened to what we wanted to achieve.”


“In terms of a process of implementing change, and learning to live with change, I cannot imagine a more compelling presentation than Chris Moon’s.”

Danske Bank

“Chris Moon received the highest ratings given to an external speaker.”

Bank of Scotland

“When you asked me how I wanted the audience to feel I replied, ‘inspired’. There is no doubt you achieved this objective, as I’m sure you will do with every audience. You did superbly.”

Aggregate Industries

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