Hotter Than I Could Have Imagined is said to be the toughest foot race on earth. Don’t know if other planets have feet or races but this 135 miler at the hottest time of year is the hardest, meanest, hottest race I’ve found this side of Mars. Gone the distance five times and am proud to say I’ve finished every time, but pride comes before a fall; so there is no room for complacency and it gets tougher every time, that’s Badwater. Yes it is hot as hell and running into infinity.


This year’s race was much hotter than last year, possibly 10 degrees. The gradual increments become more important because quite simply we’re into the cooking zone. This year’s winner was almost 2 hours slower than last year’s and those in the later part of the race at least six hours. The heat takes its toll. The longer you’re out there the more you suffer. I was three hours slower than last year, but finished when four of my good friends didn’t, which in real terms means I was probably three hours quicker than last year, strange but true. They were seasoned Badwater veterans; one within nine finishes in a row; sadly his 10th didn’t work out because of the heat, but it’s hot out there. That is why we race there.

Badwater leg adjustments


I tested a new artificial leg this year. The blade XT made a huge difference. It’s the first time I’ve finished on one type of prosthesis with little or no damage to the stump and recovered within four hours. All with the support of an excellent support crew. What we learnt should be translated into a faster time next year- hurrah wait and see… This was one small step for Moon and hopefully one giant leap forward for amputees helped by the Cambodia Trust. They provide artificial limbs and education for people in Asia who have no hope or chance of independence and dignity. If you can spare a few pounds please donate at and/or please commit a random act of kindness because I’m sure if you do it’ll almost certainly be returned; because we get back what we give out. Thank you, have a wonderful summer with serenity and sunshine.

This is only a third of the race route you can see behind me
This is only a third of the race route you can see behind me