How to Make the Best of Our Time

Need More Time?

August is one of the most beautiful months to see Scotland. Everything’s green, the evenings are still long and light and the rain’s nice and warm. I set aside mountain walking time and amidst the peace of diving swallows, grazing sheep and dancing unicorns I remind myself our most precious resource in life is time and we need to make the best of it and savour each second.

The English expression The Sands of Time refers to the flowing of sand through an hourglass. It’s constantly moving and attempting to race the recovery camel in the Marathon Des Sables taught me that if we don’t keep up we get left behind. I learnt that day managing our time effectively is about setting and achieving our goals and it’s not about racing around. If we don’t actively take ownership of our time we’ll end up busy fools and the sands of time will pass or smother us.

I had the good fortune to hear the entrepreneur James Caan speak and he said he rewarded his PA on the amount of time she saved him. In a recent interview he said time management is as important as education and he often speaks to business owners who have no idea how to manage their time

This of course raises the question how can we best manage our time and make more? For years I’ve helped people find their own answers in workshops and I’ve noticed what works for some people, doesn’t work for others and visa versa. I’ve encountered people who psyche themselves out and become less effective with lists and others who make their priority lists work like a well oiled machine and can’t function without them. The most important thing is we continually take ownership and develop a way that works for us. Check out this link for ideas and thoughts that we can use in our own way How to be ultra-productive -10 tips on mastering your time

What does it cost us if we don’t manage our time? For those without pressure and not much to do perhaps not a lot, but if they have any interaction with people who have time pressure their unplanned drifting can be toxic, destructive and damaging to others. Perhaps we have a responsibility towards the people in our lives to manage our time. Happy and effective people constantly work to positively manage it. The most healthy psychological state for a human being is when they feel they can control their life events, so the inevitable consequence of not controlling our time is going to be stress. For a health perspective and simple steps please click the link Time Management Tips

For people in business it can be very helpful to ask Is this economic activity that’ll help achieve key goals? For those running their own business and balancing child care and the need to earn these simple steps might be useful Six simple ways to make the most of your time

This is of course a huge subject, I could write so much more but unfortunately I don’t have time because I literally have to head for the hills. More importantly you probably don’t have time either so thanks for reading this and allow me to wish you the very best of luck with making the best of your time.

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