Mindfulness – How It Can Benefit You

I’m surprised how many top performing people I know who practice Mindfulness. It’s about focusing our awareness on the current moment whilst calmly acknowledging and accepting immediate feelings thoughts and body sensations. Having spent time discussing mindfulness with Bhante Rewatha, who is Chief Monk of Great Britain (based in Maryhill, Glasgow which is more synonymous with TV detective dramas than Buddist temples!)  simply it’s about being 100% in the present and not concerned about past issues or worrying about our future. I also know some highly effective people who have developed this state and might not call it mindfulness.

So what are the benefits of mindfulness?

 Never tried it before? Here are a few simple steps on how to do Mindfulness:

* Close your eyes and simply bring awareness to the present. Take a few deep breaths through your nose and let everything go. No judgements – it is what it is.

* Choose a routine activity like taking a shower, travelling to work, walking, etc. and focus completely on what you are doing moment by moment.

* Make a note of a pleasant event in your day. Were you aware of pleasant feelings at the time? How did it make you feel physically? What thoughts, feelings, moods did you have at the time?

* Breathing is life. It changes with our mood an it can act as an anchor to bring us to the present.  Try this 3 minute breathing space  and feel the benefit for yourself.