A Speaker Who Talks the Walk

Chris Moon is a truly international motivational speaker who helps people step beyond what they thought possible. He’s been speaking for over 20 years, on every continent, and talks to audiences of all ages and walks of life (school children to Chief Executives), always with humility and a healthy dose of humour.

Chris knows exactly what it takes to overcome adversity and supposed limitations. He was blown up in Africa clearing landmines for a charity and lost his lower arm and leg. Less than a year after leaving hospital he completed the London Marathon and now runs the world’s toughest ultra-marathons. He’s also one of the few Westerners to have survived being taken prisoner by Khmer Rouge guerrillas.

The biggest limits in life are those we impose on ourselves

Chris is not just a motivational speaker, his is a motivational life”

Motivational speaker

Challenging boundaries and delivering potential

“Incredible stories – moving, funny, charming & memorable – perfectly tailored for our audience”

Keynote speaker

What you don’t know can hurt you

“Inspiring & invigorating, equipping people to deal with contentious safety issues. Excellent feedback”

Health & Safety speaker

Remarkable and truly inspirational stories which inspire change

Combination of your compelling, life-changing story, appropriate level of humour & clear business messages landed perfectly. Exceeding all expectations”

Change management

Leading by example. Walking the talk

“Inspirational and captured the essence of what we are striving to achieve”


Driving sales by changing beliefs

Fun with a relevant, inspiring message. Team left re-charged & ready for the next day”


A ‘Can Do Will Do’ course which is about beginning on the right foot

“Valuable insights as to what we can accomplish in life if we maintain a positive, can-do attitude. Chris is an impressive example for us all.”


Recognising and valuing difference in its broadest sense

“His observation on attitudes towards disability were refreshingly honest & from the heart”


After Dinner & Awards ceremonies

“A fabulous speech and hosted our Awards night with the perfect balance of truth, fun and humility – absolutely spot on”




After Dinner & Awards

“Inspirational, motivating, funny… if we can take even a snippet of your positive energy & will power then we are destined for success”

St James’s Place Wealth Management

Chris Moon
Chris Moon @ChrisMoonMTB
United Kingdom chrismoon.co.uk
International Speaker Survived KR POW & landmine blast Double amputee ultra distance runner Helps people & orgs do what they do better 😀
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