Induction Courses and Career Start

Chris contributes to a number of company induction courses and speaks to university and school leavers and, when his commitments permit, speaks at school speech days. He shares experience and insight to enable people to see other perspectives, take ownership and develop resilience.

Chris equips people with a philosophy to keep getting up when they fall over and understand how to develop passion and enthusiasm in the face of adversity.

Without aspirations we are unlikely to amount to much. Chris has developed a course called Aspiration and Inspiration which enables people to develop their aspirations and find the inspiration to fuel and deliver them.

Chris and his Associates have developed a ‘Can Do Will Do’ Course which is about beginning on the right foot.

We have more choices than we realise if we choose to see it that way!

“Chris has a fantastic delivery in which he draws on his real life experience of clearing landmines to ensure that his audience go away with a clear plan to improve how they tackle life. He does this with a great deal of humour and panache which holds his audience entirely. He is skilled at adapting his presentation to fit with a diverse range of participants. The experience of listening to Chris is highly enjoyable but more importantly people leave his events with a clear plan to improve their quality of living.”

South Lanarkshire College

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