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What’s a Keynote Speaker?

A keynote speaker is someone who brings together the strands of a conference and delivers the theme or key message. The timing of the speech varies depending on event planners requirements and can be the kick-off at the beginning of an event, the after lunch graveyard slot to rev everyone up or the last speech closing an event sending people away on a high.


Chris believes it takes 10 years to become a good keynote speaker able to understand the complexities of an event, different organisations, the needs of all parties involved and how to deliver the message in an appropriate way.

Recent examples of headline keynote speeches Chris has delivered:

‘One Step Beyond’

As well as being the title of his autobiography and the story of his life Chris has been frequently asked to be the keynote speaker on this theme when people are being asked to change, deal with tough situations and conditions, deliver challenging targets or face difficult market conditions.

‘Going the Extra Mile’

In the current economic climate, where many companies had to make an adjustment two years ago after the banking crisis and now with Eurozone issues, people are literally being asked to go the extra mile in challenging markets. Chris did his first ultra-marathon in 1997 (the Marathon Des Sables) and as far as we know was the first amputee ultra-distance runner and perhaps more importantly he’s still going strong, in fact faster than ever after 15 years. He can share a practical philosophy which will empower his audience to go the extra mile.

‘Challenging Boundaries and Delivering Potential’

Chris imparts an understanding of the psychology of what limits human potential and gives uplifting stories and practical strategies people can use to challenge their boundaries and deliver more of their potential.


“Your presentation was extremely thought provoking, motivating and of great benefit to the overall conference message and the delegates feedback has been extremely positive.”

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