Chris Moon – The Speaker Who Walks the Talk

For more than ten years Chris has been a business speaker and runs workshops helping teams and individuals to do what they do better.


Personal Leadership

Before leading others we need to learn to lead ourselves. This workshop enables participants to understand themselves better, identify and remove the things that are holding them back and develop greater understanding, resilience, efficiency and focus to do what they do better. This is for executives at all levels and can be tailored for graduate intakes.

Leadership for Leaders

This leadership experience offers a leadership audit for leaders in which leadership styles, the effect of personality, influencing skills and values are examined. Current case studies and top performing leadership models are reviewed and discussed. Changing and challenging times make leadership more important and this experience is geared around solving at least one leadership problem which each delegate chooses to bring to the table.

Communication and Negotiation

With the backdrop of how Chris Moon negotiated with his Khmer Rouge captors for his life and that of his two Khmer colleagues in Cambodia during the civil war, Chris gives an insight into how communication under pressure works. Psychological aspects of communication will be discussed, listening skills developed and case studies of how people communicate. This will all be related to their own business communication challenges and a personal communication strategy to influence clients developed.

Winning in Adversity

Winning is geared to solve specific business challenges and offers a practical perspective on developing personal and team strategies to deal with adversity. It is based on a different real-life philosophy based on experience and literally going the extra mile. Participants will gain an understanding of the psychology of adversity, how to develop a personal strategies and a realistic, optimistic approach. They will also gain to solutions to the problems they bring to the table.

Sales – Improving Performance

This workshop examines the sales process, improves focus and efficiency, and identifies and solves issues holding people back to increase performance.

“Chris is a passionate and lively speaker who delivered an amazingly emotional yet humorous interactive workshop on overcoming challenges, mind-set, motivation, achievement & leadership. He left our team incredibly motivated, on a high and feeling that anything is possible if you believe.”

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